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Radiant Installation Simplified

  • Cuts radiant system install time by as much as 2/3.
  • Designed to hold tube securely in place with wider fasteners
  • 2 Top sizes available in three thicknesses for new construction and retrofitting existing buildings
  • UV protected packaging for outdoor storage.
  • 2 different knob designs for holding 3/8″ to 1″ PEX tubing.
  • Special sound deadening knobs for upper floor applications.
  • Easy to move around site and store.
  • Panels are placed in UV protected bags during storage.
  • Panels lay flat and interlock.
  • Panels are less susceptible to damage from foot or equipment traffic.
  • Tremendous labor savings. One-person PEX installation frees up others for other jobs.
  • PEX tube spacing is exactly on 3″ increment centers. No more “close enough”.
  • No taping required.
  • Minimal Waste
  • No more balky staplers to fail you …

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